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The Price of Beauty…

The Price of Beauty…


There are different  perceptions of beauty.  How do you feel about yourself? How do you treat yourself? Are you beautiful to you?

Beauty has become very commercialized that the best products are the most expensive products (or so it seems).

Let’s review three inexpensive items that can be used for everyday basic skin care.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a moisturizer – It works great for eczema. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a an effective and soothing moisturizer.  (Tip: wet face before applying a small amount to avoid the extra greasiness)

Guava as a facial scrub– Crushing guavas into a soft pulp (mash it up); it can be use as a scrub? Just leave it on for half an hour. It can also be used to treat skin discoloration e.g. dark circles, spider veins and acne irritation spots.

Coarse Dark Brown sugar as a stretch mark remover-  Mix 1 cup coarse dark brown sugar, 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 macadamia nut/coconut oil. Then use it as a scrub, rinse off then pat your skin dry. Apply a mixture of Shea butter and Vitamin E oil as a moisturizer.

There are many  homemade remedies that will work great for your skin.

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