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Jr. Carnival


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Our Jr. Carnival Event is about the Children; about The Next Generation.

When you buy Tickets to this event you are Investing in our Future!

Jr. Carnival, or as it is better-known in the islands, “Kiddies Carnival” is where we introduce the next generation into the culture of mas and Carnival. It is an initiation that most never forget, and many go on to become the Future Leaders of this cultural festival.

We aim to empower children to discover their highest potential through artistry, dance and community in a collaborative environment that helps build confidence and teamwork, competition and comradery.  Children learn the importance of cooperation, while having fun. They learn how to become one voice and, through their shared experience, grow stronger as individuals and as a community.

Last year we were so excited to have the kids back on the road and they did not disappoint with Band Competition, Junior Steel Competition, Junior Soca Competition along with Junior King and Queen Competition.


Panorama showcases the Caribbean’s rich musical heritage through melodic steel band performances. The melodic sound of the steel pan has always been a staple element in Caribbean culture. In celebration of the musical tradition, Miami Broward One Carnival will hold its annual Panorama Steel Band competition on Friday, October 6th at Central Broward Regional Park, from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.


Panorama continues to be a music lover favorite, bringing both old heads and the younger Caribbean-American pan-lovers together for an evening of melodic and rhythmic music. The steel pan holds great historical significance in the world of music, as it is the only new instrument invented in the 20th Century. Although a part of the Carnival experience for many years, the first Panorama was not held in Trinidad & Tobago until 1963. In Miami, steel bands were always a part of Carnival, where bands traveled from Orlando and even from New York to participate in South Florida’s Carnival festivities. The host committee is committed to preserving this rich Caribbean tradition within the blueprint of Miami Carnival. The judges of the Panorama competition hail from South Florida and from Trinidad & Tobago and/other Caribbean islands, have performed with steel bands and are well versed in history of the steel pan, as well as the judging criteria, which include arrangement, performance, tone and rhythm.

La Familia

Band Leader: Meryl Lawrence

fun generation 2

Fun Generation 2

Band Leader: Fay Cottoy

Karnival Kidz

Karnival Kidz

Band Leaders: Shelissa Johnson/Simone Edwards


Natural Disasters

Band Leader: Helen Antoine


Wassi Babes

Band Leader: Giselle Blanche

Major Players

Major Players

Band Leader: Ruby Limere Alexander


Break Awae Kru

Band Leaders: Coleen Charles/ Ricky Byer

China Mas

Band Leader: Alicia Gibbs


Royalty Kidz

Band Leaders: Dalia Henry /Ari Fieurimond

Zing Zing Kidzz

Bandleader: Ivy Lewis

Mas Dynasty

Bandleader: Velencia Brown

D’Junction Kids

Bandleader: Wilfred Armstrong