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Miami Carnival’s Jr. Carnival Set To Return On Saturday, October 1, at Central Broward Regional Park

TD Bank Presenting Sponsor of the 2022 Jr. Carnival

10 Jr. Masquerade Bands Competing
Miami Broward Jr. Carnival Celebrates Imagination & Creativity of True Carnival Artistry

The Miami Jr. Carnival, presented by TD Bank, is set for Saturday, October 1, 2022, at Central Broward Regional Park (3700 Northwest 11th Place, Lauderhill, FL 33311) from 1 pm-10 pm. This enriching cultural event is not only a platform for showcasing Caribbean culture and an excellent opportunity for youth to participate; it’s a great avenue for developing artistry. The day features 10 Jr. Masquerade bands who will compete for prizes and bragging rights, music, culture, colors, and food of the Caribbean. The emcees for the day are radio personalities Gillian Smart and Mike Andrews.

“We are excited to bring our Jr. Carnival back after the 2-year pandemic break. How exciting that we have 10 Jr. Masquerade bands joining our parade of bands, a Soca competition, a steelpan competition, and many other youth-inspired activities. It is essential for the Miami Broward Carnival Host Committee that we promote the richness and vibrancy of culture in our multi-cultural community. We are also grateful for the return of our Jr. Carnival Sponsor, TD Bank. Jr. Carnival is a day for all to enjoy”, states John Beckford, Chief Marketing Officer for Miami Carnival.

“TD Bank is excited and proud to sponsor the Miami Broward Junior Carnival 2022. It is an honor to serve the Caribbean community as this organization teaches our children how to embrace who they are and preserve the Caribbean culture. As a Store Manager and a person of Caribbean descent, TD bank encourages me to bring my authentic self to work. For me to have this opportunity to share my culture and serve the community in which I work, live, and play is truly a privilege. The Best of Both worlds for me.” states Mikesha Murray, TD Bank, Store Manager, Assistant Vice President.

The Jr. bands in the competition include: Break Awe Kru, China Mas Kids, Fun Generation 2, Karvnival Kidz, La Familia, Major Players, Last Band Standing, Natural Disasters, Royalty Kids, and Wassi Babes.

Programming for the day includes a Jr.Pan competition, a Jr. Soca Calypso competition, Jr. Steelpan Competition, Moko Jumbies, and music by DJ Sound Revolution. There will also be a tribute to Miya Marcano inside the Carnival Village. Miya was a huge part of the Jr. Carnival family as she played mas and was also Miami Jr. Carnival Queen. The TD Bank kids zone will have face painting, a photo booth, and games. The Miramar High School Marching Band will also participate in the parade of bands.

In a country of immigrants, the showcasing of culture and vibrancy of diversity are pillars that make the United States exceptional. These pillars help keep the culture alive and build a reality that contextualizes the community that culture represents.

The impact of Caribbean-American and American youth involvement in Junior Carnival goes further than the impression on the youth. The event allows children of other cultures to understand and appreciate artistry in a different format.

The Miami Junior Carnival is a focal point for the very young in Caribbean families and families interested in Caribbean culture. Like the adult version, the Junior Carnival includes persons from all walks of life. Both Carnivals are a festivity of the vibrant music, culture, colors, and food of the Caribbean. Attendees will grow to understand the true meaning of Carnival and its importance for Caribbean Culture.

Jr. Carnival Details

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2022
Location: Central Broward Regional Park-Central Broward Regional Park (3700 NW 11th Place, Lauderhill, FL 33311)
Time: 1pm-1pm
Admission: $15
Parking: $10
For more information and tickets, visit

Reigning Miami Carnival Panorama Steelband, Metro Steel Orchestra Looks to Defend Their Coveted Title Miami Carnival Steelband of the Year 2021

Special Appearances by WAIWAI Steel Orchestra From Japan, Roadblock Steel from Trinidad and Tobago, and Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony from Trinidad and Tobago

Love Music? Then join Miami Carnival for their annual Panorama on Friday, October 7, 2022, at the Central Broward Regional Park 3700 NW 11th Place, Lauderhill, FL., from 4 pm-11 pm. This annual cultural musical experience is set to be a vibe. The Panorama competition showcases the rhythms of the sweet sounds of pan music. The Steel Pan was invented in the 1930s on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. It is also the only instrument invented in the 20th Century. Therefore, it holds great historical significance in music and is appreciated worldwide.

The list of renowned bands competing for prizes and the coveted title of the 2022 Miami Carnival Steelband of the Year includes Metro Steel Orchestra, Lauderhill Steel Ensemble, New Generation Branches Steel Orchestra, Elite Pan Stars Academy, and Melo Groove Steel Orchestra. The steel pan is one of those instruments that brings together all the cultures and unites us.

With a rhythm section in the Carnival Village kicking off the vibes for the evening to the anticipation and excitement of the epic special performances by Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony traveling in from Trinidad Tobago, as well as the Japanese Steelband WaiWai, this year’s Miami Carnival Panorama is a music-inspired family event not to be missed. The steel drum is well rooted in Caribbean culture. The sight of the instrument makes you believe you are in a tropical paradise, while the sounds of it bring familiar tunes to your mind.

“The momentum is here. We got a lot of positive feedback for Panorama’s return to Broward. Miami Carnival is the place to be in October. I urge anyone that’s going to be around to catch the best show in North America. This is a forum where the public will see what the bands have been doing this year. The Panorama is an avenue to keep steel band culture alive,” said Bleasdell. Pan is the rhythm that fuels the lifeblood that flows through the heart of Carnival,” said Dexter Bleasdell.

The Panorama competition is a massive production to assemble. According to Bleasdell, the Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee plans a year out from the show. The bands also go through a series of preparations for the annual event. The practices for the big day become more intense as the date gets closer to the competition.

The Miami Carnival Panorama competition works on a point system. Judges give points on the arrangement (40 points), general performance (40 points), tone (10 points), and rhythm (10 points). Whoever has the highest score wins the competition.

“You are guaranteed to be up on your dancing. We developed a formula for a fun and well-arranged performance. It’s going to be alive and filled with energy. Our band performs year-round because we get booked for gigs and events. We are now transitioning from stage-side practices for Panorama. They have been intense but fun. We have a new arranger that came from Trinidad. He’s an amazing young guy and keeps the whole team moving at a lively pace.” said Mary Rodriguez, President of Lauderhill Steel Ensemble.

The Steel drum is an instrument people of all ages can play. The bands in this year’s Panorama have children, adults, and seniors participating in the show. Newcomers to this instrument develop a sense of pride as their skills develop. Child exposure to the steel drum is perfect because they can play this instrument into adulthood and become professionals.

“I have seen children grow into professors and musicians around the globe with the steel drum over the years. Their involvement with this instrument impacts their evolution,” said Bleasdell.

“I see a sense of accomplishment. It’s fun watching the newcomers keep up with us for the first time, or they get through a couple of lines without making a mistake. We have a young girl who is 10 or 11 that performed with us in a parade this month. To see her go from not being too sure to keep up with the rest of the band is amazing,” said Rodriguez.

This past fall, the Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee expanded its youth arts enrichment program with its inaugural youth pan workshop series. The fun and interactive music workshops introduced children to the steel pan through hands-on instruction and the history and rhythmic versatility of this unique Caribbean instrument. The children also had the chance to learn to play a song using the pan instrument.

Panorama Details:

Date: Friday, October 7, 2022
Time: 4 pm-11 pm
Location: Central Broward Regional Park, Lauderhill, FL
Advanced Tickets online $25
Children under 12 are free with paid adult entry.

The 38th-annual Miami Carnival concludes with a massive Parade of the Bands & Mega concert on Sunday, October 9th, 2022. Celebrating all the diverse flavors of the Caribbean, Sunday’s parade features food, crafts, and the colorful display of costumes of over 20,000 masqueraders and revelers. The mega-concert showcasing the infectious vibes of more than 30 Soca music ambassadors is a staple and a favorite under the Miami Carnival official lineup. Miami Carnival caught up with the Music Ambassador of The Bahamas, Julien Believe and learned what inspires him through his musical journey.

Five Questions with Bahamian Soca artist Julien Believe

Tell me about your musical influences as a young person.

As a young person, I’ve had a few musical influences, which is why my music is such a fusion, but the ones that greatly influenced me and my music were Usher, Ronnie Butler, Bob Marley, and old-school R-Kelly.

When/how did you know music would be the centerpiece of your life?

My mom always said I had a compulsion for music from a young age because I would always hum and sing in my crib. Then, as I got older, I would listen to the radio and record songs and be extremely excited to do so, and that’s when I knew… this was going to be my career, something that allows me beyond the Bahamian borders. So music has been something I honestly can’t see myself not being involved in.

How would you describe your current musical style, and has it changed throughout the years?

My music has changed throughout the years. I started out singing R&B.. with my first single, “Believe,” then I moved to more cultural music infusing in Junkanoo elements; thus, Junkanoo Pop was born. I love the evolution of my music because I’m not afraid to try new things. My music is a hybrid and fusion of different genres. I have some new music on the way that I’m incredibly proud of and can’t wait for everyone to hear!

Did you have a particular artist that inspired you to take the path of a music career?

Believe it or not, Monique, the Queen of Comedy, told me to Believe in myself and offered me some excellent advice about standing ten toes down with your head held high… and that was when I went from Julien to “Julien Believe.”

What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration is being able to represent my country and make music that will extend and be appreciated beyond The Bahamas. But also… getting up every day to do what I love is the biggest inspiration! If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Share how people can reach you. My official website is

You can follow me on all social media platforms at JulienBelieve (IG, FB, YouTube, Twitter, Apple Music, Spotify).

Miami Carnival Mega Concert takes place on Sunday, October 9th, from 2 pm-11 pm at the Miami- Dade County Fair & Expo- 10901 SW 24th Street, Miami, F 33165.

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