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Pressure Buss Pipe

Pressure Buss Pipe

Delyno Brown, better known as Pressure or Pressure Buss Pipe was born on August 5th, 1981, in Saint Thomas, U.S Virgin Islands

Brown gained early musical experience working on the Star Lion sound system and is known for his comment to the Rastafarian moment as well as his reggae music.

In 2005, he released his debut album “The Pressure is On” and from then onward he released hit after hit. His album “Red Rose” reached the Top 20 Jamaican Music Countdown and from that moment he truly felt the love from the people receiving his music.

Pressure is remarkable in that he is able to intersperse thunderously righteous chants with incredibly sweet and soft vocals in a manner not witnessed since Sizzla’s masterful „Black Woman & Child‟. And paired with his foundation strongly rooted in Rastafari, he comes forward with the full spectrum of vocals – poignant conscious lyrics that touch the soul and some wicked chants. This artist has recently emerged from the Star Lion Family to demonstrate to the world that, without a doubt, the pressure is on in these times.

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