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Phrases You Might Hear At Miami Carnival

Phrases You Might Hear At Miami Carnival

All Yuh: All of you
Bacchanal: A carnival. A large party or celebration, a wild party
Bess: When something or someone is attractive, or amazing
Calypso: This Afro-Caribbean music often involves a moral tale or a political commentary
Canboulay: A celebration of the abolition of slavery with costumes and drumming
Chutney: A type of sweet and spicy condiment that is used like salsa; a form of music indigenous to the southern Caribbean which derives elements from soca and Indian Film songs.
Das Meh Real Horse/Bredrin: That’s my good friend
Dingolay: To dance in a joyful, carefree manner
Doh Hot Yuh Head: Don’t worry about it
Dutty: Dirty in a standard or provocative way
Ent: Don’t you agree, Right
Fella: Guy
Fête: a celebration or festival, honor or entertain (someone) lavishly.
Gyul: Girl
Hototo: More than enough; In great abundance;
Jam: To be enjoy one’s self, particularly at a party or dance
Jump up: Get up and dance
Leh Weh Go: Let’s Go
Lime/Liming: To Party. Hanging Out
Make Style: To Show off
Mas: A carnival. Music played for a carnival, or a band playing this
Padna: Close Friend
Parang: Music played during Christmas time, with a lot of Spanish influences
Play Mas: To participate in a parade, float, or troupe during Carnival.
Pompasetting: Showing off
Saga/Star Boy: a male who likes to “make style”; a male who is cool
Soca: a type of music indigenous to TnT, derived from “soul calypso”
Ting: Thing
Whas de scene: What’s up
Wine/Whining: A dance, particularly one that involves gyrations of the waist, hips and buttocks. To dance in a suggestive manner.

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