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Miami Carnival Provides Fun Cultural Learning Experience for Millennials

Miami Carnival Provides Fun Cultural Learning Experience for Millennials

By: Ashley Andrews

Being the largest U.S. Carnival event leading up to Trinidad Carnival in February, Miami Carnival is a top choice for millennial partygoers.

Miami Carnival gives millennial travelers the opportunity to hit a U.S. destination city and indulge in a new and exciting culture. For those not familiar with Caribbean culture, Miami Carnival offers a fun new learning experience.

“Carnival is the one time people can forget about their worries and enjoy themselves freely,” Chelsi Bhagan, 21, said.

A Trinidadian native, Bhagan, expressed her love for Miami Carnival as the best preparation for the biggest carnival in the world in Trinidad.

“I play mas in Miami Carnival every year and it is definitely the best warm up before Trinidad in February,” Bhagan said. “Miami Carnival has all the aspects of Trinidad carnival with a special Miami twist.”

For millennials looking for a more cost effective carnival experience, Miami Carnival provides young adults with an immersive carnival experience similar to Trinidad’s without hurting their pockets. Local South Florida college students also contribute to Miami Carnival’s success year in and year out.

“I love that Miami Carnival allows us to experience Caribbean culture on a budget and interact with other millennials just looking to have fun, meet new people and soak up good vibes,” Joseph Romulus, 31, said.

Miami Carnival has attracted tourists from around the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean to partake in a vibrant melting pot of cultures.

“Miami Carnival is by far the best U.S. based carnival option to have an authentic fun caribbean partying experience,” Romulus said.

With deejays, mas bands and influencers from all over the world, Miami Carnival brings a taste from every Caribbean island down to Miami. Many Miami Carnival mas bands host parties and private sections from those in Barbados Cropover festival, Jamaica Carnival and most popularly Trinidad Carnival.

“Miami Carnival is a carnival for everyone,” Bhagan said. “It is a great way to introduce and celebrate Caribbean culture to as many different people as possible.”

An exciting and unique partying experience, Miami J’ouvert also shows partygoers the time of their lives with a fun paint and water experience. J’ouvert is an essential part to Caribbean carnival culture and the glue to Miami Carnival’s awesome lineup of events. Miami Carnival not only brings people of different cultures together but also bridges the gap between the older and younger generations.

“You can go with your parents while they enjoy panorama and the kids enjoy J’ouvert. It’s a great family bonding experience,” Bhagan said.

The appreciation and pure enjoyment of Caribbean culture paves the way for more Carnival goers to experience other carnivals around the world.

“If I didn’t have the chance to play mas in Miami, I probably wouldn’t be inclined to travel to other carnivals around the world,” Bhagan said.

The 34th Annual Miami Carnival will take place October 13, 2019 at the Miami-Dade County FairGrounds. For more information, visit

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