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Miami Carnival Black Music Month/Caribbean Heritage: Focus on the Steel Pan

Miami Carnival Black Music Month/Caribbean Heritage: Focus on the Steel Pan

The Steel Pan was invented in the 1930’s on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. It is also the only instrument invented in the 20th Century. Today it is appreciated all over the world and still has room for growth. 

Melo Groove Steel Orchestra, Inc. (Melo Groove), a non-profit organization, came to life on January 1, 2016 in the city of Sunrise, Florida. You may say that the word Melo is misspelled. Actually the spelling is correct. The core members of Melo Groove dedicated the band to Mr. Melville Esdelle, aka ‘Melo’ of Trinidad 1939-1992. He self taught himself to play numerous musical instruments around the age of twelve years old. However he mastered the steel pan and loved teaching kids.  

Melo Groove Steel Orchestra, Inc. strives to keep Melo’s dreams alive which are creating a safe structured outlet for young people to embrace the culture and to continue to elevate steel pan music.

Our funding mainly comes from teamwork. Whether it is a food sale or a performance, all band members are involved and working hard to make it a success. Other funding comes from donations from our supporters.

Currently Melo Groove has 15 pan players, 6 rhythm players and an awesome support team. We will always aim to please our audience which consists of a variety of cultures. Our musical selections include R&B, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Soca and more. Our goal when we perform is to engage with the audience and to leave a lasting impression.  

Melo Groove loves playing steel pan music and will continue to do so throughout Florida and beyond. 

Tune in Tuesday, June 5th at 7:30pm and learn more about Melo Groove.
Miami Carnival Panorama will be held on Friday, October 5, 2019, from 4pm-11pm at Central Broward Regional Park.
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