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Having A Great Carnival Core

Having A Great Carnival Core


It’s Carnival time!! Carnival is on of the  biggest, and best-loved festival.

Now, let’s talk about bring our fierce factor to the road…  The top of everyone’s list  is a tight mid-section. Here are seven tips for keeping it tight and having a killer core on the day.

1. 4 days before carnival taper your calories from carbohydrates. In other words, place your complex carbs in the morning (oats, potato, rice) and use vegetables in the mid-afternoon and evening. Always pair your carbs with a protein and a source of fat for a balanced meals.  Remember, Abs are made in the kitchen!

2. You should be eating 5-6 small meals/day. Do not over eat – or your abs will not be making an appearance. Split your daily calories into small frequent meals to keep your mid-section tight leading up to the big day.

3. Asparagus and Green Beans contain high amounts of potassium and act as a diuretic, draining water off your mid-section. Use these vegetables daily starting 4 days prior to the event.

4. Drink Dandelion tea between your meals. This is a natural diuretic and one of the best ones available. that increases urine flow by enhancing the removal of salts and water from the kidney. Brew up a big pot, add sweetener to taste and drink away!

5. Morning Cardio is crucial to get your metabolic rate going and body in fat-burn mode. Go for a brisk walk, walk/run or interval blast depending on your fitness level. Some ab work is a great addition as well. Get your sweat on for atleast 30 minutes every day!

6. Hydrate with 3L of water and/or Tea every day. Yes, you will be a peeing machine. This is exactly what you want. On Saturday start to taper your water and continue this into the next day. Sunday just sip from 6pm onwards to keep your body from retaining water for the next morning.

7. The morning of carnival eat a light but solid breakfast. The goal is to put a balanced meal in your stomach but not cause bloating. DO NOT GO OUT WITHOUT EATING BREAKFAST. A small portion of oats, berries, eggs and almonds is perfect. Sip on water until you get to the road and then keep hydrated and cool in the hot sun.

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