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Get to Know Cultural Ambassador Giselle The Wassi One

Get to Know Cultural Ambassador Giselle The Wassi One

Giselle D’ Wassi One in true Caribbean style wears many hats from Host, Promoter, Bandleader, Radio Personality, Performing Artist, Mother, and  Cultural Ambassador.

Those are some of the titles used to refer to Giselle “The Wassi One” Blanche who was born in Brooklyn New York, but the twin island of Trinidad & Tobago was rooted into her.  A resident of Miami Florida, she visits Trinidad, London, Berlin and the Caribbean region for the various Carnival seasons annually and is a household name when it comes to Carnival and Soca music.

The goddaughter of two legends in the calypso art form, Baron, and Superblue, Giselle or “Wassi” as she is affectionately known, has made a name for herself and blossomed into a multi-faceted entertainer, media personality, and promoter.

She frequents the airwaves globally with on-air programs from Turks & Caicos to the UK to, and you can find her on Tempo TV on “The Rundown” alongside DJ Stephen.  Look at the biggest stages in Caribbean music and carnival, and you will see her there too!

Giselle D’ Wassi One also volunteers her talents to the cause of breast cancer awareness in the Caribbean and throughout the diaspora.  Her love and dedication run deep, and her name is sealed in the Caribbean hall of fame.  More than a personality, she is a person.  She is a beacon of light that shines bright, and her energy and charisma are undeniable.

A little about this Caribbean Cultural Ambassador.

Miami Carnival– How long have you been leading your own mas band?

Giselle – 2019 marks 31 years that I have been leading my own mas band; The Wassi Ones in Miami Broward One Carnival, which I  started at the age of 14 and historically became the youngest bandleader ever!

Miami Carnival – How did that come about?

Giselle – I come from two culturally grounded Trinidadian parents, so my love for Caribbean culture is deeply ingrained.

Miami Carnival– How are you actively helping to promote the Miami Carnival narrative?

Giselle – As the bandleader of The Wassi Babes, my kiddies band, Something Jouvert in Miami and Colours Mas Band in Hollywood Carnival, my passion and drive are my people and my culture. I participate in Carnivals across the Caribbean region and in the diaspora all year round.

Miami Carnival-What social media platforms can people find you on and learn more about signing up for Wassi Ones?

Giselle – You can follow me on @thewassione on Twitter and Instagram and Wassi Ones on Facebook.

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