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9 Tips To Survive Miami Carnival 2017

9 Tips To Survive Miami Carnival 2017

Miami Carnival is going down this weekend which means you have just two days to prepare if you’re joining in the festivities. 2017 marks 33 years of Carnival in Miami and preparations are well underway with Hurricane Irma behind the city, as the official site notes.

From 7 am – 3 pm Saturday, J’ouvert will take place, with the parade following on Sunday from 11 am – 11 pm. Because this is my first Carnival ever, I had a few questions, and now that I have those answers I figured I’d pass them along to you in case this is your first time taking the plunge as well. I’ve also added in a few reminders for the seasoned vets. So, with that being said, here are 9 tips for surviving Miami Carnival.

You can still get a costume

If you’re playing Mas, but waited until the last minute to decide, there’s still time to get a costume in Miami. In fact, Brooklyn-based business Ramajay Mas is setting up at the Courtyard Marriott at Miami Airport this Thursday and Friday to distribute costumes.

Or wear pum pum shorts and sneakers

That’s a direct quote from my favorite Guyanese friend who alerted me of how expensive Mas costumes are and provided this insightful alternative.

Look out for these celebs

Rob Riley, Wyclef, Kimberly McDowell, Gramps Morgan, and Pressure Buss Pipe are all on board for this year.

Set the tone for the weekend with these playlists

You’re welcome.

Take naps

Carnival is an all-day event, J’ouvert lasts eight hours, night-time parties can last up to six hours, you’re going to need at least a cat nap to hang.

Dress up for the parties

We’re talking your best dress and heels. Miami becomes choose city this time of year. Don’t know where the party’s at? Here’s a list.

Drink Puncheon at your own risk

I was actually told not to drink it at all because of it’s strength, but I’m not one for telling people not to indulge. Just be careful.


Heat and non-stop libations are not a good mix.

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