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Barrie Hype Shares His Top Five Favorite Cultural Spots In Miami

Barrie Hype Shares His Top Five Favorite Cultural Spots In Miami

Miami is a mosaic of cultures manifested through art, music, food, and a unique experience is what any visitor will find represented throughout Miami. The “305” (one of Miami’s many nicknames) has always been a leader in diversity due its strong population from so many ethnic backgrounds, most notably the Caribbean and Latin America. There is a multiplicity of things to do, places to go, and memories waiting to be made in multicultural Miami so don’t wait any longer to taste, touch, and indulge.

Miami has one of the most vibrant arts scenes that is rooted in deep history. The Chairman of Living and key Miami Carnival champion St. Lucian Born Barrie Everette aka Barrie Hype recognizes the creative and cultural value of the arts and humanities. “National Arts and Humanities Month offers us a chance to celebrate the often overlooked economic, educational, and civil engagement values that the arts impart in our daily lives.”

Below Barrie Shares his Top 5 favorite cultural spots in Miami and advises everyone to check them out if they can in their free time.

  1. Little Haiti-Chef Creole- for authentic Haitian Food

Chef and caterer Wilkinson Sejour’s restaurant in the area, known for traditional Bahamian and Creole dishes. From oxtail, to seafood, to beans and rice, all food is served in a festive environment.

  1. Art Africa Miami Arts Fair in December- is an exhibition showcasing the work of visual artists from Miami’s African Diaspora. Established in 2011, ArtAfrica’s inaugural exhibition in Overtown, Miami was the first of many exhibitions during the Art Basel Miami festivities.
  1. Catch a show at the African Cultural Arts Center-

With a mission statement to provide quality training in dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal                music, media and visual arts, develop in-house performing art companies, support and assist                 emerging artist through their resident artist program, host quality performances and exhibitions,               and promote and foster the rich and diverse cultural art perspective of people of African heritage,           The African Heritage Cultural Arts Center is the nucleus of arts learning, training, and access for                 Miami-Dade County’s African-American community.

  1. Check out an art show at Kroma Gallery in the West Grove- -As a premiere arts incubator and the latest initiative of the Collaborative Development Corporation in partnership with the Barlington Group, KROMA host exhibits showcasing the myriad of perspectives that are a result of the African diaspora and beyond. KROMA looks to advance the knowledge and practice of the arts through education and programming, which will not only enrich the lives of the community, but further develop the careers of the resident artist.
  1. Shop at Little Havana To Go Marketplace-1442 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135Let local Jose Fernandez take you on a stroll down Calle Ocho. He’s got it right when he says the neighborhood itself is a cultural museum, from its hand-rolled cigar shops to its open-air fruit markets. Everywhere you go you’ll be met with the scent of a fresh cortado, and a plate of rice and beans is bound to be steps away – whether you walk or salsa dance your way down the street.

Barrie Hype is one of the few internationally recognized DJs/MCs from Saint Lucia. Music has been Barrie’s inspiration and sanctuary from the tender age of seven. As a teen, Barrie advanced in the DJ world through his knowledge and expertise in mixing dancehall and hip hop music. He recognized the absence of a genuine party MC in his hometown and seized the opportunity to progress creatively. Later on, he would earn degrees from Full Sail University in Show Production, as well as Concert Touring, and Recording Arts, which launched Barrie Hype into the realm of touring as he was then recruited by legendary group, Third World. After a couple years of experience on the road, it was time to embark onto new endeavors and Hype became a DJ, head of Radio Promo, and eventually A & R for Black Shadow Records (producers of The Buzz Riddim, known for Sean Paul’s hit single, “Gimme the Light”).

Determined to gain more recognition within the Caribbean music industry, Hype began “paying his dues” in the soca arena by lending support to its biggest artistes as they toured worldwide. From Bunji Garlin, to Rupee, Fay Ann Lyons, and Skinny Fabulous, Hype built his brand and reputation for providing timely assistance, whether in the form of his recognizable voice, entrepreneurial thinking, and/or DJ skills, which have been and continue to be heard on radio stations around the Caribbean and internationally.

Although Barrie now resides in Miami, Florida, he is extremely elated to represent his homeland and promotes our culture, heritage and music at various events. Notably, he tours with Rupee as his DJ. He hopes to branch off into other entrepreneurial ventures in the near future, taking a cue, he says, from his affiliates.

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