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Countdown to Parade of Bands and Concerts

Parade of Bands and Concerts

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The Parade of the Bands takes place on Sunday, the day before Columbus Day, and features over 18,000 masqueraders in over 20 masquerade bands meandering around on an approved parade route.  The parade starts at noon and ends at 11 pm with a concert that follows the judging of the bands.  The pulsating music, the beauty, and pageantry are all legendary!


This year the Kings, Queens & Individuals costume competitions will take place with the Miami Carnival parade of bands. This part of the competition brings out the biggest and most elaborate costumes as the masqueraders compete for bragging rights, a trophy and huge cash prizes!


What to expect:


  • Each band has a theme which they portray on Carnival Day.  Expect to see beads and feathers in a kaleidoscope of colors, as well as huge King and Queen costumes – some of them more than 15 feet wide and 20 feet tall.
  • Be sure to bring sun block and water.
  • Interested in joining in?  Please click on the tab Mas Bands for a list of participating bands and their contact information.

Bajan Fuh Eva

Big & Strong Inc./One Island Band

Break Away Kru, LLC

Fusion Mas

D-Junction Mas

Dingolay Mas NYC

Euphoria Production

Freaks Mas



Juju International

Mascots International

Natural Disasters Inc.

Party Room Squad

Ramajay Mas Miami

Revel Nation Carnival


Wassi Ones


Collective Mas


Pleasures Mas

Wassi Ones


Collective Mas