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Countdown to J’ouvert


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On the day before the Carnival Parade and Concert, at Central Broward Regional Park, the party starts with the celebration of “J’Ouvert” (…beginning of the day…).  As early as 5 am, people arrive at the Park to begin the J’Ouvert Parade.  With more than 20 bands, the masqueraders are dressed in t-shirts and shorts – covered with paint, dye, or mud.  J’Ouvert is very traditional, and is an opportunity for people to act out their grievances in the form of satire – it is ritual enacted in conjunction with mud, paint and pointed tails.  It is the darker side of Carnival and there are always masqueraders dressed as devils and demons walking around.  At 7 am, the sound of soca fills the park as the large music trucks, with their highly powered sound systems, begin to further excite the masqueraders, who “hit the streets” jumping, dancing, singing, fueled by the exhilaration of the fete.  From 7 am to 3 pm, masqueraders continue jumping and dancing as the music continues.  Throughout the park there are vendors displaying and selling Caribbean food, beverages, arts and crafts.  J’Ouvert, where masqueraders can safely hide behind  the paint and mud that covers them, makes everyone throw off their inhibitions and just have a good time.


Bajan Fuh Eva

Big & Strong Inc./One Island Band

Break Away Kru, LLC

Carnival Republic

Co Co Devils International

De Islanderz Intl

D-Junction Mas

Dutty Pleasure

D Wassie One

Dysfunctional Kaos Mas

Fun Generation

Revel Nation Carnival

Island Gems LLC


Ju Ju Nation

Last Band Standing Mia

Major Players Inc.

Natural Disasters Inc.



White Noise



River Land Mas


River Land Mas